2012.05.01 Conversation A-B

1. Why does Susie want Lily's address (地址)?

(a) Because she wants to send Lily a card.

(b) Because she wants to visit (拜訪) Lily.


2. What is the name of Lily's Road?

(a) River Road

(b) James Street


2012.05.02. ConversationA-B

1. What is across (橫越馬路,在...的對面) from Susie's building?

(a) Gill's Pet Store

(b) Walker's Department Store (百貨公司)


2. Is there a library next to Susie's building ? (請簡答,答案有三或四個英文單字)



3. How will Ken find Susie's building  (建築物) ?

(a) He will ask the police officer.

(b) He will find a map online.


4. What pet store is nearby Susie's home ?

(a) Gill's Pet Store

(b) Walker's Pet Store


2012.05.03 Conversation A-B

1. What is Ken doing when the girls come in ?

(a) He is playing cards.

(b) He is playing computer games.


2.Where do Lily and Ken work (工作)?

(a) They work in a bookstore.

(b) They work at the TVstation.


3. Why DOESNT Grace play computer games very often ?

(a) Becauss she thinks computer games are for boys.

(b) Because she is too busy (忙碌).


4. Who does Ken play computer games with ?

(a) He plays with Lily and Grace.

(b) He plays online with other people.

2012.05.04 Conversation A-B



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