Teacher 有電話考試幾個人,有的很認真,幫他/她 拍拍手;


其中抽考12/8 考題:

在非洲與中國,粉紅豬/蔡依林/林志玲 ,

哪一個被認為是大美女 ?







如果孩子沒有其他才藝班作業需趕工,且認真地完成大家說英語的作業,媽媽可以寫簡訊給Teacher (請註明學生及班級),Teacher 會每月電話口試。壓力不用太大,每月初Teacher 有接到簡訊,當月才會考試。


12/15. Conversation A--C


1. What can you say when someone asks you to do something bad ?

(a) Yes

(b) Sure

(c) No


2. What is the "postive" (正面的) way to say "No" ?

(a) Yes

(b) I can't do that now.

(c) Wait a minute.


3. How will Tom go to the airport 【諾丁漢英語版權所有】at the end ?

(a) By bus.

(b) By bike.

(c) By car.


4. What does "give someone某人 a ride"  mean in Chinese ?

(a) 載某人一乘。

(b) 帶某人去騎馬。

(c) 帶某人去騎腳踏車。


12/16 Conversation A~C


1. When did Kate finish the website (網頁) ?

(a) this morning

(b) last night

(c) just now 剛剛


2. What kind of problem " DIDN'T" Jack find about the website ?

(a) Many of the links聯結 don't work 使用。

(b) Some information is missing.

(c) The pictures are ugly.


3. What does " I am under a lot of pressure." mean ?

(a)  I am worried.

(b) I am surprised.   【諾丁漢英語版權所有】

(c) I am happy.


4. How will Jack help Kate at the end ?

(a) He will finish the website for Kate.

(b) He will buy her lunch.

(c) He will give Kate a ride.


12/19. Conversation A--C


1. According 根據 to this conversation, do most 大部分 people prepare準備 Christmas presents in advance 事先 ?

(a) Yes

(b) No


2. What CAN'T you buy at Carla's Card Shop ?

(a) Christmas card.

(b) wrapping 包裝 paper.

(c) Halloween costume 服裝



3.  What【諾丁漢英語版權所有】does  "on last" mean ?

(a) 上一個

(b) 一開始

(c) 最後一個


12/20. Conversation A~C


1. Why does Emma want Tom to open the present now ?

(a) Because she wants to know how he feels about it.

(b) Because it is a trick 搗蛋。

(c) Because Emma can't wait.


2. What is in the gift box ?

(a) a cat

(b) a banana

(c) Tom's gift



3. What does "two rolls 捆/捲 for the price of one" mean ?

(a) 打八折。【諾丁漢英語版權所有】?

(b) 打二折。

(c) 打五折。



12/21. Conversation A--C


1. How did the customer pay ?

(a) with credit card. 信用卡

(b) with cash 現金

(c) with cheque 支票


2. Actually (事實上), who made the mistake (犯錯) ?

(a) Jason

(b) the computer

(c) Emma



12/22. Conversation A~C


1. In the story, Tom tries to learn from  _____  【諾丁漢英語版權所有】

(a) Emma

(b) the computer

(c) his mistakes


2. What happened when Tom spilled (打翻) drinks on his boss's wife ?

(a) She was happily surprised.

(b) She yelled (大叫) at him.

(c) She fired him. (炒魷魚).


3. When you make a mistake , what should (應該) you do ?

     I should  __________________________________________


12/23. Conversation A~C


1. When do people have parties to celebrate (慶祝) a baby's birth (出生)  in America ?

(a) Before the baby is born.

(b) After the baby 【諾丁漢英語版權所有】 is born.

(c) They don't celebrate.



2. How do people celebrate a baby's birth (出生) in Pakistan (巴基斯坦)?

(a) They cook for everyone.

(b) They give candies or sweets.

(c) They have parties.



3. In China , if a baby is born on November 23rd ( 11月23日), when may (可能) the family celebrate for the baby ?

(a)  11月24日【諾丁漢英語版權所有】

(b)  10月24日

(c)  12月24日


4. We celebrate a baby's birthday on Christmas , who is he ?

(a) Jesus

(b) Santa Claus

(c) Ginger Bread Man ( 薑餅人)



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