12/05. Conversation A--C


1. Why does Kate need Tom's help ?

(a) Because she is hungry.

(b) Because her friend is waiting for her.

(c) Because she needs to go the bathroom.


2.How will Tom help Kate ?

(a) He will meet Kate's friend and tell her the news .

(b) He will go to the bookstore.

(c) He will call Kate's friend.


3. What ISN'T true about Kate's friend ?  

She is _________.

(a) tall with a beautiful smile.

(b) thin with curly hair.

(c) slim (纖細的) with brown hair.


4. What does "Is Rose single mean " ?

(a) 她有男朋友嗎 ?

(b) 她是辣妹嗎 ?

(c) 她是年輕的嗎 ?


12/06 Conversation A~C


1. What is Jack looking  for ?

(a) a gift.  (b) a book.   (c) his mom


2. How old is Jack's mom ?  She is ________.

(a) 62.    (b) 74.   (c) 56


3.What does Jack's mom look like 【諾丁漢英語版權所有】?

She _________________________________ ( 至少寫出三項)


4. Why is Jack looking for his mom ?

(a) Because he wants his Christmas gift.

(b) Because he misses his mom.

(c) Because he loves his mom.


12/07 Conversation A~C


1. What is Kate reading ?

(a) a magazine.      (b) newspaper.     (c) a book.


2. Are you skinny (瘦巴巴的) ?

___________________________________ (請寫出你的答案)


3. What DOESN'T  Tom's new favorite actress (女演員) look like  ?

(a) not too (太)  skinny with green eyes

(b) skinny with red eyes 

(c) not too skinny with red hair.


12/08  Conversation A--C


1. How does Tom feel about the actress ?

(a) He hates her.   

(b) He likes her.

(c) He doesn't feel anything.


2. What CAN'T Kate's favorite 【諾丁漢英語版權所有】actor (演員)do ?

(a) act (演戲)           (b) sing.            (c) dance


3. What DOESN'T Kate's favorite singer have ?

(a) long hair.       (b) a good voice (聲音)     

(c) a short beard (少來,beard 這個字單字表補充過)


12/09  Conversation A--C


1.Who is thought (被認為) to be more beautiful in Africa (非洲)?

(a) 粉紅豬(鐘欣凌)      

(b) Jolin

(c) 林志玲


2. Who is thought (被認為) to be more beautiful in China (中國) ?

(a) 粉紅豬(鐘欣凌)      

(b) Jolin

(c) 林志玲


12/12  Conversation A--C


1. How is Jack doing ?

(a) He is sleeping.

(b) He is【諾丁漢英語版權所有】fine.

(c) He is talking to Jean.


2.Why is the music store busy today ?

Because _________________________________________



3. What does "She is having a bad day." mean in Chinese ?

(a) 她是個壞人。

(b) 她今天過得很糟。

(c) 她脾氣不好。


4. What's wrong with Emma ?

(a) She is hungry.

(b) She has a new puppy.

(c) She is tired.


5. When is the meat delivered (被送來) ?

(a) every Tuesday

(b) every Monday

(c) every Monday and Tuesday


12/13  Conversation A--C


1. What can you do if you are having a bad day ?

   I  can ________________ ,  _______________, 

and ___________________.(至少三個答案)


2. What did Jean do when she had a bad day ?

     She  __________________________________.


3. Why can Emma get a discount (打折) ?

(a) Because Frank likes 【諾丁漢英語版權所有】 her.

(b) Because Frank is sorry.

(c) Because it's Christmas.


4. Why is Jack having a good day ?



12/14  Conversation A--C


1.Why CAN'T Jack drive Jason to the airport ?

     Because _________________________________


2. What does "I need a favor" mean in Chinese ?

(a) 我需要調味料。

(b) 我需要協助。【諾丁漢英語版權所有】

(c) 我需要最喜歡的。


3. Why is Jason not happy ?


    (答句開頭第一個字必須是 " B...")


4. What is a small word but is diffcult to say ?

(a) I don't know.

(b) Yes

(c) No


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