2012.05.07 Conversation A-B 

1. What are on sale (特賣) at the supermarket today ?

(a) vegetables                       (b) pork (豬肉)                          (c) fruits


2. What is Carol’s favorite fruit ? (請用整句回答) _________________________________________________


3. What does Asian pear (亞洲梨子=水梨) taste (嚐) like ?

(a) sweet and sour (酸)           (b) sweet and delicious             (c) sour and delicious


2012. 05.08 Conversation A-B

1. What meal (哪一餐) do the boys need (需要) the food for ?

 (a) breakfast              (b) lunch      (c) dinner


2. Which of the following (下列) will the boys NOT buy ?

(a) cereal (早餐穀片)     (b) eggs       (c) apple


3. What is Ken doing after work ?

(a) He is going to the supermarket.          (b) He is going to the refrigerator. (冰箱)

(c) He is going to the shopping list (購物清單).


4. What does Ron want to borrow (借) from Tom ?

(a) money                          (b) shopping list                      (c) homework list


2012. 05.09 Conversation A – B

1. How can you save (省) money at the supermarket ?

(a) You can make a list and MUST (必須) buy something that is not on your list.

(b) You can go with your friends)

(c) You can make a list and DON’T buy anything that is not on the list.


2. Where can you find the coupons (折價卷) ?

(a) from newspapers and books      (b) from magazines (雜誌) and newspapers

(c) from magazines and books


3. How often (多常,多頻繁) does Suise go to the supermarket ?

(a) She goes there everyday.           (b) She goes there everyday.


2012. 05. 10 C0nversatipn A – B

1. Please write down three things how mother take care of (照顧) their baby.

Mothers __________________________________________.

Mothers __________________________________________.

Mothers __________________________________________.


2. Who comes to Carol’s house every week ?

(a) Her son and daughter.            (b) Her son and his wife      (c) Her daughter and her husband.


3. What does Carol do for her children when they come around (來拜訪時) ?

(a) She washes clothes for them.               (b) She cooks for them.


4. What does mom want most (最) ?

(a) She wants happy, healthy (健康的) and smart children.

(b) She wants safe (安全的), happy and healthy children.         (c) She wants a nice gift.


2012. 05. 11. Conversation A – B

1. When is Mother’s day ?          (a) Saturday      (b) Monday       (c) Sunday.


2. Where is the woman taking her mother ?

(a) to the restaurant      (b) to the hospital      (c) to the department store (百貨公司)


3. What will the woman give her mother ?

(a) She will give her some beautiful earrings (耳環) (b) She will give her some flowers.


 2012.05.14. Conversation A – B

1. Write down two animals in the story that DON’T move much (不常移動) _________________________________________________________


2. Where did Ken go yesterday ?

(a) He went to the zoo.    (b) He went to Jungle Café.    (c) He went to the supermarket.


3. Who eat more ? Elephants or hippos ? __________________________________________________________


4. What are Susie’s favorite animals ?        (a) monkeys         (b) elephants         (c) hippos


5. What is Ken doing in the picture ?

(a) He is feeding (餵) a turtle.            (b) He is petting (輕輕拍) a turtle.



1. Why can you see lions and tigers in a night safari (夜間野生動物之旅) ?

(a) Because they are tired.                 (b) Because they are shy (害羞)

(c) Because they are more (比較) active (活潑的) at night.


2. When can you touch a giraffe or an elephant in a zoo ?

(a) Any time.                          (b) Only when you are with a zookeeper.


3. What can you do when you go on a behind-the-scenes tour (幕後之旅) ?

(a) You can see what a zookeeper does.            (b) You can touch all the animals.


2012.05.16 Conversation A – B

1. What kind of Chinese food does Lily love ?

(a) She loves Beijng roast (烤) duck.                 (b) She loves dumplings (小籠包)


2. What animals MUST you see if you visit (拜訪) a zoo in Bejing ?

(a) Giraffes      (b) Pandas         (c) Elephants


3. What does Lily want to climb ?

(a) The Forbidden City. (紫禁城=古代中國的皇宮)

(b) The zoo in Bejing.                (c) The Great Wall (萬里長城)


2012. 05.17 Conversation A – B

1. When do you need your passport (護照) ?

(a) You need your passport when you want to go to Taipei.

(b) You need your passport when you want to take a trip (旅行) to abroad (國外)

(c) You need your passport when you want to borrow a book from the library.


2. Where does Ken want to go ?

(a) He wants to go to Asia (亞洲)           (b) He wants to go to America (美國)

(c) He wants to go to Africa (非洲)


3. What does Ken need to enter (進入) China (大陸) ?

(a) a camera and a passport (護照)             (b) a passport and some water.

(c) a passport and a visa (簽證=一個國家開給觀光客的通行證)


2012. 05.18 Conversation A – B

1. Where does Carol dream (夢想) of traveling (旅行) ?

(a) She wants to go to Africa (非洲)             (b) She wants to go to China (大陸)

(c) She wants to go to Europe (歐洲)


2. What can Carol do when she visits Africa ?

(a) She can see wild (野生) animals.

(b) She can see pyramids (金字塔)        (c) She can eat Bejing roast duck (北京烤鴨)


3. Where does Rob want to stay when he goes to Europe (歐洲) ?

(a) He wants to stay with his friends.                  (b) He wants to stay in a big hotel (旅館)

(c) He wants to stay in a castle (城堡)


2012. 05.21 Conversation A – B

1., What will Ken and Rob order (訂購) for dinner tonight ?

(a) MacDonald                      (b) KFC                 (c) pizza


2. What will Ken and Rob NOT order tonight ?

(a) vege pizza                       (b) pepperoni pizza (義大利辣味香腸pizza)


3. How will Ken and Rob order their dinner ?

(a) They will make a phone call.   (b) They will order on line.   (c) They will ask their mom.


2012. 05. 22. Conversation A – B

1. Why does Lily order some food from the fancy (高級的) restaurant ?

(a) Because it’s her husband’s birthday.     (b) Because it’s Mother’s Day.

(c) Because it’s her mom’s birthday.


2. What kind of party is Lily planning (計畫) ?

(a) She is planning a formal (正式的) party.

(b) She is planning a casual (非正式的) party.


3. Which of the following (下列) is NOT “finger food” (小點心,可以直接用手指拿 著吃的) ?

(a) cheese                  (b) vegetables              (c) steak (牛排)


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