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(1) What is Kate updating (更新)?

(A)  Kate’s website ( 網頁)

(B)  The bookstore’s website

(2) Where doesn’t Kate learn about website design ( 設計) ?

(A)  In a college

(B)  From a book

(C)  Ask iPhone 4S



Conversation A

(1) What is Kate carrying ( 攜帶)?

(A)  a box

(B)  a letter

(C)  a bag

(2)  What is NOT in the box?

(A)  some presents

(B)  some books

(C)  some cookies

(3) Who is the package ( 包裹) for ?

(A)  Kate’s friend

(B)  Kate’s cousin


Conversation B

(1) What CAN’T Kate buy for her friend?

(A)    T-shirt

(B)    A Ring

(C)    A Dress

(2) Where can Kate find the ring?

(A)    On the table

(B)    On the shelf



Conversation C

(1) Where ISN’T Kate going to go? 

(A) The candy store

(B) The post office

(C) The restaurant

(2)What does Kat4e buy at the end (最後)?

(A) The ring and the T-shirt

(B)The postcard and the T-shirt

(C)The Postcard and the ring



Conversation A

(1) Who DIDN’T write a note to Pam?

(A)  Emma

(B)  Jean

(C)  Jason

(D) Tom

(2) What holiday is next week?

(A)  Halloween

(B)  Christmas

(C)  Thanksgiving

(3) Where is Jack working?

(A)  In the restaurant

(B)  At the music store

(C)  In the bookstore


Conversation B

(1) Where is Jason writing his note?

(A)  On the postcard

(B)  In a letter

(2) What is the picture about ( 關於)?

(A)  Jason

(B)  The mall

(C)  Pam’s family

(3) Can Jason mail his postcard at the end ( 最後)?

(A)  Yes

(B)  No




Conversation A

(1) What is Kate looking at?

(A)  The catalogs (c-a-t-a book- log) 商品型錄

(B)  Some letters

(2) Who is the real owner ( 擁有人) of the catalogs?

(A)  Tom

(B)  Kate

(C)  Cindy

Conversation B

(1) Why CAN’T Kate forward ( 轉寄) the catalogs?

(A)  Because she doesn’t want to

(B)  Because she doesn’t have Cindy’s new address


Conversation C

(1) What did Kate buy last week?


()  A sweater

(2) What might ( 可能) Tom want to buy?

(A) Some candies

(B)  Some DVDs



 Conversation A

(1) Where is the postcard from?

(A)  Emma’s cousin

(B)  Kate’s cousin

(2) What does Lily like about New Zealand?

(A)  Clean Mountains and beautiful air

(B)  Beautiful Mountains and clean air

(C)  Beautiful people and clean clothes

(3) What does Kate like more?

(A)  real mail

(B)  e-mail


Conversation B

(1) When does Zmma want to the gift arrive ( 到達)?

(A)  Next week

(B)  The day after tomorrow

(C)  Tomorrow

(2) What does “ Express mail” mean?

(A)  快捷郵件

(B)  普通郵件

(C)  龜速郵件




Conversation A

(1) Before there were ( ) trains and cars, what helped people deliver ( 傳送) mail?

(A)  Bikes

(B)  Airplanes

(C)  Animals

(2) Write down any ( 任何) three animals that were used (被使用) to deliver ( 傳送) the mail?





Conversation A

(1) When can you have a special deal (特惠) at the mall?

(A) 10/10   (B) 1/1  (C) 12/12

(2) How much did Jason spend ( 花費) so far ( 目前為止) ?

   (A) 213   (B) 123  (C) 312


Conversation B

(1) How many receipts (發票) CAN’T Jason use?

(A)  1  (B) 2  (C)  



 Conversation A

(1) What DOESSN’T have the same ( 相同) meaning (意思) as “ Now I get it”?

      (A) Now I understand

      (B) I see

      (C) Now I take it

(2) How much more ( 再多少) does Jason need to change a free gift?

      (A) 300

      (B) 39

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