2010.12.06  1. Why does Pam borrow books from the library ?


(A) Because she reads a lot of books.

(B)Because she works in the bookstore.


2  What kind 諾丁漢英語版權所有 of books DOESN’T

Pam borrow ?

(A) Novels (小說)  (B)history books 

(C) none of above (以上皆非)


3. What kind of magazines can you check out form

 the library?

(A) None of them諾丁漢英語版權所有

  (B)New ones       (C) Old ones.


4. Why does Pam like諾丁漢英語版權所有 the language

section(語文區) of the library ?

(A)Because she can’t speak Japanese.

 (B)Because she is going to Japan.


5. Why does Tom諾丁漢英語版權所有 want to

go to  the library ?

(A)Because he wants to learn Japanese too.

(B)Because he wants to watch some movies.


2010.12.07- 1.Why do people 諾丁漢英語版權所有

 often catch cold in winters? 

(A) Because it is cold.

 (B)Because people stay indoors all the time.


2. What did Tom do this morning ?  

(A) He made an 諾丁漢英語版權所有 appointment.

  (B) He went to see the doctor.


3. What can be helpful 諾丁漢英語版權所有

 when you have a cold : (複選)

(A) Soup    (B) some rest   (C) lots of water

 (D) medicine   (E) going out with friends


2010.12.08-1. What of the following symptoms

(症狀) does Jason have ? (複選)

(A) Sneezing

(B) A headache諾丁漢英語版權所有

(C) a nasty cough (D) a runny nose


2. What is Jason’s question to Jack ?



2010.12.09-1. Where are Jean and  Emma ?  

(A) coffee shop                 (B)bookstore


2. Why is Jean going    諾丁漢英語版權所有

 to the hospital ?

(A) Because she is visiting her friend.

(B) Because she has a cold.


3. What will Jean bring  to the hospital ? 

 (A) flowers          (B) cookies


4. If the visiting hours are 2:00-3:00 and 7:00-8:00

and it takes Jean 15 minutes to get there  by bus,

which bus CAN’T Jean take ?

   (A) 2:45     (B)7:15     (C)8:00 


2010.12.10-1 Who does Emma 諾丁漢英語版權所有

 go to the hospital with ?

(A) The dog

(B)some children

 (C)some patients  


2. Who lives in Room 637 ? 

 (A) The doctor  諾丁漢英語版權所有

 (B) the dog 

(C) sick kids


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