02010.十一月份  大英聽力閱讀測驗 Part 1 -11/22~11/26

2010/11/22  Conversation A 1 Where did Grace go for her honeymoon?  諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1) Hawaii  (2) Japan


2. What did Tom get from Grace?  (1) A diamond ring  (2)  A necklace


3. What didn’t Tom do on Grace’s wedding?

(1)played in the wedding band (2) host the wedding.


Conversation B1.Who are Grace thankful for?  (1) Tom only (2) Tom and Mark


2010/11/23 Conversation A  1. Which one is 諾丁漢英語版權所有 correct (正確) ?

(1)Jack should put the pumpkin pie in the end of the table.

 (2) Jack should put the pumpkin pie on the chair.


Conversation B 1.How many people are Emma expecting for dinner? 諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1)no one will come  (2) almost 100


C1. What did they have for dinner?  (1) turkey   (2)French fries


2010/11/24 Conversation A 1. Which one is 諾丁漢英語版權所有 correct (正確) ?

(1) Amy hate stuffing and gravy especially.  (2)  Amy brought her appetite.


2. Conversation B  1.What does guest mean? 諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1) something delicious   (2)  someone who will come to your house

Conversation C  1. Jack’s mom is excited to come for a Thanksgiving meal because

(1) she can enjoy it without doing any work.

 (2) she can get a lot of presents during the dinner time.


2010/11/25 Conversation A  1.Why did Tom feel so sleepy?  Because

(1)  eating turkey  (2) eating cake


Conversation B. 1.Which one is 諾丁漢英語版權所有 correct (正確) ?

(1)put the garbage in the trash bag  (2)put the forks, knives, spoons in the toilet


Conversation C.1.What does Tom said is hard work?

(1) cleaning up   (2) take some leftovers home


2010/11/26 Conversation A 1.Which animal is round and has a really big mouth?

 諾丁漢英語版權所有    (1) zebra  (2) hippopotamus


2.Where is a great place we can learn about animals?  (1)department store  (2)zoo


3. What does Amy usually spread (抹) on her bagel ?   (1) Jam or butter (2) cream


4.Which animal is tall?   (1)elephant  (2)panda  (3)giraffe


Which animal is not black and white?   (1)lemur  (2)flamingos  (3) tapir   


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