2010/11/15  Conversation A .What happened to Amy?

(1)Her coffee is so hot that she hurts her tongue .諾丁漢英語版權所有

(2)Her coffee was spilled on her white pants.


Amy said she can’t go to work, because…?

(1)  She doesn’t have extra clothes to change her dirty pants.

(2)   She wants to go shopping and buy new clothes with her friends.


Conversation B 1. What color of pants 諾丁漢英語版權所有  does Amy have?

 (1)blond (2) black


Conversation C 1.Where is Amy’s pants in the store? (1)behind the counter

 (2)  in front of the counter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


2. What did Tom learn from Amy? (1)Never wear white pants and drink coffee.

(2)Never wear clothes and drink coffee.


2010/11/16  Conversation A 1.What kinds of does Tom want?

(1)fashion  (2)time management


2. Why does Tom need the book?

(1)He wants to change his style. (2)  He needs to use his time better.


Conversation B 1.What did Tom ask for Pam?

(1) do all the errands 

 (2) take the books which are due today back to the library.


 Conversation C 1.Will Pam mail a package for Tom? (1)  Yes, she will.

(2)  No, she doesn’t have time.


2010/11/17  Conversation B 1.Who is doing errands for Tom too?

(1) Jean  (2) Amy


Conversation C 1.What did Tom ask Jack to do for him?

(1)buy the Starbucks coffee for him

(2)go to the dry cleaner for him


2.Why is Pam so angry at Tom?  (諾丁漢英語版權所有)  

(1)He asks his friends to do all his errands but he is going to see a movie.

 (2) He said dirty words to she.


2010/11/18  Conversation A 1. Which one is correct?

(1) Pam and Amy ordered some things on line.

(2)Pam and Amy went shopping together on Saturday.


Conversation B. 1. Which one is about overnight shipping?

(1)fast and cheap (2)fast but expensive


Conversation C 1.What things does Jack buy on line?

(1) music and DVDs   (2)tickets and books


2. Why does Pam buy books on line?

 (1)she can have more choices (2)she can get a good deal  


2010/11/19  Conversation A 1. Why doesn’t Tom shop online?

(1)he has to use credit card and he thinks it’s not safe.

(2) he doesn’t have credit card to pay money


Which one is not the tip of shopping online?(諾丁漢英語版權所有)  

(1)compare prices

(2)pay money before you read all the shopper’s comments.


Conversation B 1.Why should you read other shopper’s comments?

(1)you can get a good deal (2)they can give you more information


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