02010.十一月份  大英聽力閱讀測驗 Part 1 -11/08~11/11

2010/11/08  Conversation A 1.What does Pam want?  諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1) A chef’s salad and some iced tea.  (2)A piece of pizza and some milk tea.


2. Does a chef’s salad only have vegetables?  (1)Yes  (2) No


Conversation B1. Why does Pam 諾丁漢英語版權所有 only want a salad?

  (1)He wants a healthy lunch.  (2)He is on a diet.


Conversation C1.What kinds of dressing (醬) does the Southwest salad have?

(1)  A vinegar (醋) dressing. (2) A spicy (辣) dressing.


2010/11/09  Conversation A  1. Which one is 諾丁漢英語版權所有 correct (正確) ?

(1) You can see the film at any theaters. (2) It’s an independent (獨立) film.


Conversation B 1. What is the movie talking about? 諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1) An American super idol (偶像) . (2)A high school football coach (教練).


2010/11/10  Conversation A  1.How can I buy the tickets if I want to see Narnia?

(1) You can buy the tickets on line. (2)You can only but the tickets at the movie theater.


Conversation B 1.Which one is about Asian (亞洲) theaters? 

(1) A certain (相關) seat (座位) for the customer. 諾丁漢英語版權所有

(2) You can choose any seats you want if you arrive (抵達) there early.


2. Conversation C 1. What can I bring into the mall theaters? 諾丁漢英語版權所有

(1)Your own snacks. (2) The food bought in the mall theaters.


2. Bringing you own food is better because  (1) it’s cheaper.  (2) it’s more expensive.


2010/11/11  Conversation A 1.Which one is the right answer?

(1)  Pam has already eaten breakfast.  (2) Pam can eat a cow now.


2.What did Amy buy for Pam?

(1)  An English muffin with ham.  (2) A piece of cheese cake.


3 .Did Amy buy it at The Sandwich Shop?  (1)Yes  (2) I’m not sure.


Conversation B 1. Amy buys a bagel (背果) at Carl’s Coffee even(即使) on the days she doesn’t have to work.  諾丁漢英語版權所有    (1)Yes (2) No


2. What does Amy usually spread (抹) on her bagel ?   (1) Jam or butter (2) cream


Conversation C 1. Has Jason ever eaten cold cereal? (1)Yes  (2)No


2.What does Jason eat for breakfast?諾丁漢英語版權所有   

(1)  He eats a lot of meat. (2)He eats a lot of fruit.


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