註: 有些日期只有三段會話中某段的題目,別緊張。

例,8/24 只有Conversation B 的題目。


Aug 9 Conversation A

1. What does “ on sale” mean ?

A. The price is good.

B. You can buy it everywhere.

C. You really need it.


2. Where can’t you find the coupons ? 

A. In magazines.

B. On the internet

C. Go ask for it. (乞求)

 Conversation B

1.What were on sale?

A. oranges

B. lemons

C. apples


2. Where are Emma and Eric ?  

A. They are at Jungle Café.  

B. They are at home. 

C. They are at school.

 Conversation C

1.What does Eric want to eat today?

A. lemons

B. fries

C. lemonade


Aug10 Conversation A

1. Why does Kate love drugstores (藥妝店)  ?

A. Because she loves to look at healthy and beautiful products.

B. Because she needs to buy some healthy and beautiful products.


2. If(如果)  you spend a lot of time at the beach what should(應該) you buy?

A. lotion(乳液)

B. mouthwash

C. shampoo(洗髮精)



Conversation B

1. How much sunscreen (防曬乳) will Kate buy?

A. two bottles ()

B. three bottles

C. one bottle



Aug11 Conversation A

1. Why does Jean try to find(尋找) sales(拍賣)?

  Because she wants to…

A. find a pair of (一雙) beautiful shoes.

B. save money (省錢)

C. buy some useful (有用的) cosmetics (化妝品).


Conversation C

1. In the end(最後), which kind of(種類)  mascara(睫毛膏) did Kate buy?

  She bought …..

A. the most expensive(昂貴的) mascara(睫毛膏)

B. the cheaper(便宜的) mascara (睫毛膏)

C. nothing (沒有東西)


Aug12 Conversation A

1.How long has Jean been() a member (會員)?

  Jean has been a member(會員) for…

A. three months

B. three weeks

C. three years


2. How much the fee(費用) does Jean need to pay ?  

  She needs to pay…

A.  $30 fee every month.  

B. $40 fee every year. 

C. $30 fee every year.


Conversation B

1. What’s Jean’s  suggestion (建議)  of buying things(東西)  at Cost Market?

  Jean’s suggestion is that….

A. you have to buy large () amounts(數量) of each things.

B. you have to buy small () amounts (數量) of each things.


Aug15 Conversation A

1. Why is Jack doing exercises(做運動) at the mall(購物中心) ?

A. Because his mother asked(要求)  him to do that.

B. Because the environment (環境) is comfortable(舒適的).  

C. Because he’s taking a fitness (健身的) quiz.


Conversation B

1. Does Tom do exercises often (經常)?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We don’t know


Aug16 Conversation A

1. Tom does not have a 10-pound() weight(重量).  How did he solve(解決) this problem (問題)?


A:  He used (使用) Emma’s backpack (背包).

B:  He didn’t solve(解決) the problem(問題).


Conversation B

1. What’s Emma’s suggestion(建議) for Tom?

A. Doing exercises(運動) once(一次)  a week

B. Doing exercises twice (兩次) a week.

C. Doing exercises as much as possible (越多越好)


 Aug17 Conversation A

1. Why do dolphins(海豚) sleep with one eye open?

A. They can look for(找尋)) some food and sleep at the same time(同時).

B. They can be safe (安全)in the water.


Conversation B

1. How long do ants live(存活)?

  Ants usually live (存活) between…

A. one week and two weeks

B. one month and two months

C. one day and two days


2. How much can the ants lift()?

  Ants can carry(;)  ____  times()  heavier (比較重) than a human.

A. 10.  

B. 20. 

C. 30.


Aug18 Conversation A

1. How far (多遠) can fleas(跳蚤) jump?

A. They can jump 200 times ()the length(長度) of its body.

B. They can jump 300 times () the length(長度) of its body.  

C. They can jump 20 times  () the height(高度) of Taipei 101(台北101).


Conversation B

1. How far (多遠) can a kangaroo hop?

A. It can hop about(大約) eight meters (公尺).

B. It can hop about eight kilometers (公尺).  

C. It can hop about eight centimeters(公分)


Aug22 Conversation B

1. Does Jason want to have an account(開戶) at Center City Bank(中央市銀行)?

A. Yes

B. No  

C. We don’t know


Aug23 Conversation A

1. Why is Jason counting (計算) his money?

A. Because he wants to buy a computer.

B. Because he is getting a new bank account(銀行戶頭).

C. Because he is going to  buy his parents a present.


Conversation B

1. Who gave Jason those checks (支票)?

A. His teacher

B. His cousin(堂兄弟姊妹)

C. His family

2. Where is Jason going to put his checks (支票)?

A. In his bag.

B. In his wallet(皮包)

C. In the bank


 Conversation C

1. Why is Jason opening a new account(戶頭)?


A. He lost (失去) his old account(戶頭).

B. He wants to get a free gift.

C. He is opening it for his father.


Aug24 Conversation B

1. Does Jack pay for his friends in college(大學)?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We don’t know


Aug25 Conversation A

1. When does Kate’s bill (帳單) due(到期)?

  Her bills(帳單) are due(期限)…

A. In the end (最後) of the month.

B. In the middle (中間) of the month.

C. At the beginning (開始) of the month.


Conversation B

1. Does Kate pay her rent (房租) online (線上)?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We don’t know

2. Why does Emma want to keep track(帳單) of her bills






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