Let’s Talk in English 2011 August.

Aug 1 Conversation A

1. Does Tom have a city map ?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We don’t know


2. Where is the mall(購物中心)?    The mall is on…

A. Route 66

B. Martin road

C. Broad street

 Conversation B

1. Where is Martin Road?    It’s is at…

A. A5

B. A6

C. A7


2. Where are numbers on the map ?   Numbers are on the _____ of the map.

A. middle (中間)

B. top (頂端)

C. bottom (底部)


3. What is on Martin Road?

A. a swimming pool

B. a park

C. a playground


Aug 2 Conversation A

1. What is the distance(距離)  between Martin Road (馬丁路) and the mall (購物中心)?

  Martin Road is about ______ from the mall(購物中心).

A. three miles

B. four miles

C. five miles


2. How can Tom go to the destination(目的地) easily by driving the car?

  He can drive ___ on Broad Street and then turn _____ on Linden Street.

A. west 西方 / east 東方

B. south 南方 / west 西方

C. north 北方 / east 東方


Conversation B

1.What is Jack looking for(尋找)?   He is looking for (尋找)…..

A. A library (圖書館)

B. A Chinese 中國restaurant

C. A bus station


2. What is the address (地址) of the restaurant?

A. 456 East Applegate

B. 457 West Applegate

C. 458 North Applegate


Aug 3 Conversation A

1.Where did Jack turn(轉向) right (右邊)

A. At the red light.

B. At a green light.

C. At a yellow light.


2. Why did Jack stop ?

A. Because Jack saw ( 看到) a cat running in front of his car.

B. Because a police officer saw ( 看到) Jack.

C. It didn’t (沒有) say.

Let’s Talk in English 2011 August.

Aug 3 Conversation B

1. Can Jean use a mobile (cell phone) when he drives a car ?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We don’t know

2. How much was the ticket (罰單)  ?

A. $ 100.

B. $50.

C. $1000.


Aug 4 Conversation A

1. What is “ learn a lesson “  in Chinese HERE ?

A. 學到教訓

B. 上課課程

C. 學習課 


Conversation B

1.Why didn’t (沒有) Tom stop ?

A. Because he was tired ()

B. Because he didn’t see any cars.

C. Because he saw (看到) a police officer.


2. What was Tom drive when the police stopped (制止) him ?

A. He was driving a car.

B. He was riding a bike.

C. He was riding a horse.


Aug 8 Conversation A

1. What does “ on sale” mean ?

A. The price is good.

B. You can buy it everywhere.

C. You really need it.


2. Where can’t you find the coupons ? 

A. In magazines.

B. On the internet

C. Go ask for it. (乞求)


Conversation B

1.What were on sale?

A. oranges

B. lemons

C. apples  

2. Where are Emma and Eric ?  

A. They are at Jungle Café.  

B. They are at home.  

C. They are at school.


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