Let’s talk in English 2011.06.20

1.     What does Amy need?

She needs a ……(Conversation A)

(A)   notebook

(B)  guidebook

(C)  grammar book


2.     Where is Amy going to take a trip(旅行)?

She is taking a trip to ……..(Conversation A)


(A)  London

(B)  New York

(C) Washington, D.C.


3.     How is she getting there?

She is taking a …….(Conversation B)


(A)  train

(B)  bus

(C) plane


4.     What can Amy learn from her trip (旅行)?

She can learn about ………(Conversation B)


(A)  British history

(B)  Chinese history

(C)  American history


5.     Where are Jason and Tom taking a trip(旅行) ?

       They are taking a trip to ……(Conversation C)

(A)    San Francisco

(B)     Swiss

(C)    St. Louis


6.      Did they decide the date(日期) of traveling(旅行)? (Conversation C)

(A)   Yes

(B)    No

(C)    We don’t know



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.21

1.     Are airplane ticket’s expensive(昂貴的)?(Conversation A)


(A)   Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know


2.     How long is the drive?(Conversation A)


(A)  four hours

(B)  seven hours

(C) ten hours


3.     Does train 64 go to St. Louis?(Conversation B)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C) We don’t know


4.     Why is train 722 so expensive(昂貴的)?(Conversation B)

       Because that train is…….

(A)  comfortable

(B)  clean

(C)  fast




Let’s talk in English 2011.06.22

1.     Where does Kate want to go?(Conversation A)

       She wants to go to…….

(A)   Thailand

(B)  Japan

(C)  Singapore


2.     What does Kate want to learn(學習) from her trip?(Conversation A)

       She wants to learn(學習) about the different…….. there.

(A)  knowledge知識

(B)  cultures

(C) friends


3.     How many times (幾次)will Kate at least (至少)need to change planes(轉機)?

      She needs to change planes (轉機)at least(至少) …….. (Conversation B)



(A) once

(B)  twice

(C) three times


4.     How many hours is the longest(最長的) flight to Singapore(新加坡)?(Conversation B)

       The longest(最長的) flight to Singapore is at least(至少) …… hours.


(A)  13

(B)  14

(C)  15


5.     Where does Kate need to go after arriving in Singapore(新加坡)?(Conversation C)

       She will have to go through…….

(A)   rest room

(B)  duty free shop


(C)    immigration and customs


6.      Can we bring too heavy(重的) luggage(行李)?(Conversation C)

(A)   Yes

(B)    No

(C)    We don’t know





Let’s talk in English 2011.06.23

1.     Can Kate use her credit card(信用卡) in Singapore(新加坡)?(Conversation A)


(A)   Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know


2.     (Conversation A)






3.     How long does Kate want to stay in Singapore?

       She would like to stay about……(Conversation B)


(A)  one week

(B)  two weeks

(C) three weeks


4.     When will Kate graduate from her college?

She will graduate from her college in …….(Conversation B)


(A)  2000

(B)  2010

(C)  2012



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.24

1.     What is the special food of Dragon boat festival?(Conversation A)


(A)   pomelo(柚子)

(B)  moon cake

(C)  rice dumpling


2.     What do you NOT do before you go into a food factory (食物工廠) (Conversation A)


(A)  You take food inside

(B)  Put on special clothes

(C) You wash your hands




Let’s talk in English 2011.06.27

1.    What is Tom going to do this weekend?  (Conversation A)


(A)   go to school

(B)  Nothing

(C)  go to work


2.   Where does Tom work?  (Conversation A)


(A) In the theater

(B) In the restaurant

(C) At school


3.     Where is Amy going this weekend?  (Conversation B)

She is going to …….


(A)  New York city

(B)  Taipei city

(C) Charles city


4.     What is the suggestion given by Amy ? (AMY 給的建議為何? ) (Conversation B)

Amy’s idea is to ……


(A)  walk around

(B)  get a haircut

(C)  buy some clothes


5.     What is Jack’s plan for this weekend?  (Conversation C)

His plan for this weekend is to go to……

(A)    the beach

(B)     the park

(C)    the gym


6.      How can Jack go to their destination (目的地) ?  (Conversation C)

        Jack is going to his destination by ……

(A)   car

(B)    train

(C)    boat



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.28

1.     What’s Jean’s plan on Friday?(Conversation A)

       On Friday, her plan is……….

(A)   to go to the library

(B)  to go shopping

(C)  to stay home


2.     What’s Jean going to do on Saturday?

She is going to shop for…….(Conversation A)


(A)  clothes

(B)  shoes

(C) groceries


3.     What does Tom’s boss need him to do this weekend?

Tom’s boss needs him ……… this weekend.(Conversation B)


(A)  at the beach

(B)  at home

(C) at the theater


Let’s talk in English 2011.06.29

1.    What did Kate do last weekend?  (Conversation A)

      She sat on her couch and……. (Conversation A)


(A)   watched TV

(B)  played toys

(C)  read book


2.    Did Kate fall asleep on the couch on Saturday? (Conversation A)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C) We don’t know


3.    What’s Amy going to do this coming weekend?  (Conversation B)

      She is going to go……..


(A)  shopping

(B)  dancing

(C) singing


4.    What are Amy’s other plans besides(除了)shopping?  (Conversation B)

      She is planning to go to restaurants(餐廳) , a theater(電影院)and a……….  


(A)  book store

(B)  museum

(C)  airport


5.     Why doesn’t Tom often(通常) have a free weekend?

       Because he usually(通常) needs to ……

(A)    study

(B)     work

(C)    do exercise


6.      Does Tom need to work this weekend?

(A)   Yes

(B)    No

(C)    We don’t know



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.30

1.    Why doesn’t Tom need to work this weekend?

      Because he asked one of his ……… to work for him. (Conversation A)


(A)   friends

(B)  classmates

(C)  co-workers


2.     What is the perfect weekend for Tom?  Conversation A)

       The perfect weekend for Tom needs both activity and ………


(A)  rest

(B)  work

(C) study


3.     Does Tom often bake cookies? (Conversation B)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C) We don’t know


4.    What does Kate love to bake?

      She loves to bake…….. (Conversation B)


(A)  fish

(B)  shrimps

(C)  cookies



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