Let’s talk in English 2011.06.13

1.     Did they surprise (驚喜)  Jason ?  (Conversation A)        

(A)   Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know


2.     Why are they having a party (派對) for Jason ?  (Conversation A)

       Because today is his………

(A)  graduation(畢業)

(B)  birthday

(C) mother’s birthday


3.     How many people will go to the party at least (至少)?  (Conversation B)


(A)  1

(B)  2

(C) 3


4.     Why is Jason excited about the parties (派對)?(Conversation B)

       Because …….

(A)  He likes parties.

(B)  Because he want to meet friends .

(C)  We don’t know


5.     Why can’t Jason go to a party?

Because he is…… (Conversation C)

(A)    studying

(B)     watching TV

(C)    working


6.      Who is Jason’s co-worker(同事)?  (Conversation C)

(A)   Linda

(B)    Samantha

(C)    Astrid



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.14

1.     What can they do at Chang’s restaurant  ? (Conversation A)


(A)   They can eat lunch there.

(B)  They can dance there.

(C) T hey can eat dinner there.


2.     Where are they going after dinner?

 They are going to ……(Conversation A)


(A)  a park

(B)  their house

(C) movie theatre


3.     What Did Tom show Jason earlier(提前)? (Conversation B)

(A)  the cake

(B)  the present

(C) the show


4.     What is the gift  ?(Conversation B)


(A)  computers

(B)  pencils

(C)  headphones




Let’s talk in English 2011.06.15

1.     Did Emma know Jean’s birthday before Jean told her?(Conversation A)


(A)   Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know


2.     What free thing will Emma give to Jean? (Conversation A)


(A)  Ice cream

(B)  Candy

(C) Cake


3.     Did Jean go shopping for her birthday?(Conversation B)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C) We don’t know


4.     Did Scott remember Jean’s birthday? (Conversation B)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know


5.     What did Emma find out?

She found out a …….. (Conversation C)

(A)    candle

(B)    candy

(C)    hat



Let’s talk in English 2011.06.16

1.     What is Emma doing with that balloon?(Conversation A)

       She is trying to make a ………


(A)   Cat

(B)  Dog

(C)  flower


2.     What does Kate think about Emma’s balloon?(Conversation A)

       She thinks it’s …….

(A)  Awful

(B)  Terrible

(C) Good


3.     When is Kate’s birthday.(Conversation B)


(A)  July 15

(B)  June 20

(C) July 27


4.     Did Kate guess () the gift right in the end (最後)?(Conversation B)


(A)  Yes

(B)  No

(C)  We don’t know




Let’s talk in English 2011.06.17

1.     Where did Tom buy his costume?(Conversation A)

       He bought it at the ……….


(A)   pet store

(B)  bookstore

(C)  party store


2.     Where is the new store which Tom mentioned(提到)?

The new store is in the……(Conversation A)


(A)  mountain

(B)  mall

(C) theatre


3.     When is Father’s day?(Conversation B)


(A)  Friday

(B)  Saturday

(C) Sunday


4.     Why does Emma need some invitations(邀請卡)? (Conversation B)

       She needs some invitations(邀請卡) for her……

(A)  birthday

(B)  friend’s party

(C)  Fourth of July party


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